Thursday, July 17, 2008

Simple 3 Column Templates

Simple templates for blogger. Using xml version. Fast loading, with main sidebar on the left top, and split sidebar. Tested on IE 7 and Mozilla Firefox

Platform : Blogger Beta (XML)
Basic Sidebar : 3 Columns


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Download here (right click and save target as .... ). For installation : copy and paste all script (txt format) in edit html menu form your dashboard

Download here (right click and save target as .... ). For installation : copy and paste all script (txt format) in edit html menu form your dashboard

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Three Column Blogspot Beta : Adsense at Header

Format : 3 Column
Compatible for : Blogger Beta (New Blogger Layout)
Application : good for Adsense

This template represent modification from template provided by which is made by Douglas Bowman

My Modification especially at a number of column. From 2 columns become 3 columns. So that you intending to install Google Adsense can spatially install in sidebar.

You can put your adsense in header too. I set it in 300 x 200 px. (see the screenshot on top left). Put it between div tag "topads".

You can change header image, by your own image ( 500 x 300 px)
And you can change also background color, font color, etc from dashboard of your blogger account.

demo at :

Friday, May 25, 2007

Make Money with AffilateBot Program

Accidentally, I found AffiliateBOT program about 2 weeks ago. It’s an exiting program for make money from internet. And last night, my first earnings from this program no longger zero. Fair to middling! What that AffiliateBOT? In the following is a program description from their web

Program Description:
AffiliateBOT is one of the fastest growing Affiliate Network in the world, bringing Advertisers, Merchants, Publishers, Bloggers and even Individuals together. Promotion:
Promote AffiliateBOT and earn $1 for each active member referred and 5% of their earnings for Life!

This has got to be a no brainer and one of the biggest earning referral program on Earth!

Imagine the possibility. If even ONE of your referred member earns $1000/month, you get to pocket a cool $50 every month! Now, imagine if you have 100s of members earning money for you?? You're like the governor, taxing your citizens 5% for life! But hey, grab the 'netizens' before others refer them to their own 'towns'. It's first come first served!

Audience Description:
Anyone who wants to earn a good living by promoting affiliate programs. Bloggers and Publishers would be best.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Create Rounded Header Image for Blogspot

How to make header image which " not like a box" and looked to be one with entire of your blog ?

Easy! Use your ordinary program image editing. I’m using macromedia fireworks for image editing. Determine canvas size measure according to asked header image. Make rectangle with rounder model at its corner. Set its high larger ones from size measure canvas. and set its width = wide of canvas

Place tabletop of rectangle at co-ordinate (0.0), so that its obtuse angle presented at part of canvas. Thereby the bottom-part of rectangle is not displayed at canvas

Set of canvas color = color of background page of your blog, so that the part cut by corner of image will look one

Export your result job!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

List of Search Engine - Promote your Blog

To get high traffic, you require promote your blog. The effective way to promote your blog is by registered it into search engine. In the following, there are some url Search Engine, you can submit your blog there:








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Search King

Serach Spot

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Searching 4 U

Site @ Hack

Spider Hog

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Webmaster Network

World Light


Monday, May 21, 2007

Blog Directory

Making website / blog is a easy matter. But your next jobs are bringing many visitor steps into your blog. It's not easy. You require promoting your blog. Best way to promote your blog is trying to get main listing in search engine result page. If somebody search any keyword from search engine (especially with Google ) – your blog must be listed in first 5 pages(from a million result pages!!) Yeah, you vieing with thousands or millions of websites in this cyber world

Search Engine Result Page is very influenced by the storey, popularity level of your blog. More and more your blog URL is contained in other website, your blog popularity will getting higher. Therefore, to increase your blog popularity, you can register your URL blog at some professional directory like :