Friday, May 18, 2007 Vs : Between Hobby or Making Money

You have no money to buy hosting, but you want make a blog, unavoidably, you being perforced to use facility of free blogging. In general, there's only two facility of free blogging which is at most used for blogging : and What is excess of each? At one blow what the its insuffiency?

Integrated Tools provide a lot of feature which very good for you. For example integrated facility web statistic directly in your dashboard. With this facility, you can watch how many your amount blog visitor each day, just where from of the visitor step into your blog, even with keyword of any kind of they find your blog

You will not find this facility in For this, user generally install addition facility which in fact is easy to found in internet

Anti Spam Feature
In the case of overcoming spam, more pre-eminent compared to have been provided with plug-in anti-spam - especially in its commenting system - what is recognized by Askimet

At, spam can be overcome with moderation order of its commenting system. This matter own insuffiency, because of all visitor generally feel is not comfortable with this way.

For discussion between blogs, Wordpress have provided facility pingback at its comment ing system. When, url of one of our posting is contained in other blog, automatically will be happened pingback which can be seen at list of comment at our post. In, you cannot make a pingback

So ... is more amount installing plug-in for its users. users, generally can own facility of a kind by searching its own from all such service

But ...

Determining Your Target
If you make a blog just for hobby - aimless other - dissimilar like making money, is correct choice. And surely if you are is a beginner in the case of HTML Language and of a kind. has provided anything. You needn't change something

But, if your target makes blog - besides hobby - also to conducive a dollar, avoid Why? Because does not permit its users install advertisement - especially like contextual ads. has incompatible for you which want to be Ad Publisher. Every script of advertisement attached at shares of your blog, will not emerge Google Adsense, what nowadays a lot of weared by all Ad Publisher - managed by same party by Even, possibility of, party of google when launch the idea about Google Adsense, is for making synergy with facility They hope, all consumer of can at one blow service user of publisher Google Adsense.